After a long history of 25 years, the Barberini group remain at the forefront of beauty consultancy.  Always leaders in style, trend and research, their knowledge and experience increases the self esteem and confidence of all their clients, emphasizing those fine details synonymous with femininity.
To celebrate their 25 years of dedication to beauty and the total care of the body, the Barberini group have crowned their success with the opening of "Beauty and Relax", a wellness oasis where you can rediscover the pleasure of relaxation and renewed health. We dedicate our years of success to all women who value their beauty as their strength.
The skin is the mirror of our inner self, our soul, and, thanks to the treatment from our experts, your renewed health and vitality will shine through. Let the hands of our trained staff pamper you with the latest and most effective spa treatments in our Wellness Center.
A massage done skillfully releases tension, relaxes the muscles and gives a deep feeling of well-being.  It improves skin elasticity, strengthens tendons and ligaments, helps breathing  and enhances the mood. In our Thermal Suite, the hot vapors of the Turkish bath, the ancient forces of the earth through the mud, the mysterious mist and the heady, aromatic essences will transport you to an oasis of intense relaxation.

A Dedicated Centre Specialising in Progressive Depilation and Photo Rejuvenation

A Dedicated Centre Specialising in Progressive Depilation
Depilation with a pulsing light

how it works

How the pulsing light system works on hair (progressive depilation): to fall off all the superficial hair in the IPL treatment we achieve by heating up hair follicle, which gets radiated deeply through the skin.  The particular length of the Laser wave Nd: Yag, permits to absorb selectively the ray by the “black” part of hair. The hitting process and neutralization takes place in the derma papilla.

It means, the laser ray penetrates the skin up to 3-5-7 millimetres deeply with out provoking any damages to the textures he passes through concentrating all the thermal energy along the hair which escorts the heat inside the hair follicle, and by razing the temperature finally destroys it. The micro explosion neutralists the cells of the hair follicle and obstructs the capillary vessel. Then the capillary brings hormones and nourishment to the derma papilla, which can’t feed itself, will neutralize, it could be seen through he electronic microscope.

The total destruction of hair follicle happens in a particular moment of the hair biological cycle: a phase Anagen, it’s a period when the hair grows again. In that moment the hair is directly colligated to the derma papilla and connects directly. It also transfers into the hair follicle energy of the ray. All the other hairs, which are treated in the other two phases we will achieve only a vaporization of stem, without the papilla, it means the hair will grow again for the next session.

This is why the laser depilation treatment needs more sessions when each time all the hair of the interested zone is treated. Only a certain percentage will not grow again, those in phase Anagen. The Laser depilation you achieve progressively, with a session every 20 or 30 days; it depends of a zone and a biologic cycle of hair. At the end you treated all the hair in they active growth phase (Anagen). The lasts sessions will take less time according to the inferior number of hair to treat.

Photo rejuvenation: The photo rejuvenation is carried out using a pulsing light at high intensity which eliminates from the skin (face, hands, neck and décolleté) all signs of aging and other photo-toxic factors. The signs of aging are liver spots, coupe rose, dilated pores and superficial wrinkles. The ray of pulsing light at high intensity selectively targets all the benign skin pigmentation and gradually eliminates the signs of aging in a few sessions, helping to form a younger looking appearance.

How to prepare for the sessions: The skin must not be dark or tanned: the ray of light hits the melanin and a dark coloration of a lesion (for example coupe rose) and it would bring a high risk of burning.
The technique: After the operator determines the ideal conditions for the treatment (using a test), rays of energy light will be administered, depending upon the area to be eliminated (the time and the depth will be measured). The pigmentation which characterizes the lesion will be eliminated without damaging other tissues. The treatment is painless: all you may notice is a feeling similar to that of the snap of an elastic band.
Length of treatment: One photo rejuvenation face session would take approximately half an hour.
The number of sessions required: 4-6 treatments within one week, and then maintenance of 2 treatments per month (with the exception of any time that the skin is tanned).

After the session: At the end of a treatment, an anti-inflammatory cream will be applied. The sun and/or a solarium need to be avoided for about 20 days. We advise that you use a day and a night cream matched to your skin type.
Price: One session costs 100 euro.
The results achieved in time: With the photo rejuvenatation technique, all the superficial spots and flaws in the skin are progressively successfully removed. It should be noted that this treatment cannot stop the skin's aging process which is why more flaws may appear in time.
Risks: In some rare cases superficial burnings or swellings may appear but these are only temporary.
N.B.: To undergo this kind of treatment with out the risk of burning, your skin cannot be too dark or tanned.

Radio frequency is an aesthetic method that is non-invasive, painless and offers a viable alternative for those who do not wish to undergo surgery. Radio frequency can treat all areas of the body including aging looser skin, wrinkles, rejuvenation of the face and neck, and skin laxity of both face and body. It can also be effectively applied to treat skin blemishes caused by cellulite and skin problems such as facial acne, seborrhea and acne scars.

Over the years, during the natural aging process, collagen, which is the key protein of the connective tissue of the skin, is damaged, causing wrinkles, loose atonic skin and inelasticity. Radio frequency is a therapy based on the emission of energy that is able to develop a pleasant warmth inside the skin tissue, that can spread from the surface deep down into the dermis, the adipose tissue and can even act upon the muscles, treating the imperfections of the face or body.

The biological effect of such heat comprises an alteration of the collagen, with consequent contraction and reorganisation of collagen fibres; producing a lifting effect of stretching and causing a firming and compaction of the skin. It also stimulates the fibroblasts (the cells that produce collagen) with new collagen systhesis and an increase in the density of the dermis. The skin becomes firmer and more toned after the first treatment giving the effect of facial rejuventation by reducing the relaxation that has occurred during time.


Main uses:

Treatment of cellulite and firming
Firming facial skin
Treatment of wrinkles and scars

How does the specific radio frequency remove the effect of cellulite
Slimming and streamlining: Directly stimulating adipocytes, using the draining and oxygenating of the Radio frequency, excellent results can be obtained on localised or extended fatty deposits.

In order to optimise the results, it is advisable to offer cycles of treatment of at least 8 sessions, with extra sessions to maintain these results.
Drainage: due to the substantial effects of vascularisation obtained at high levels of radio frequency, good results can be obtained on the build-up caused by water retention.

THE PLEXER is the alternative; the 'soft surgery'. It is a valid alternative to using lasers for the resurfacing facial, without the need for preparation by the use of anaesthetics due to its non-penetrability. Up until now, the use of plasma for superficial surgery has not been developed. In fact, it is a plasma generator that, in contact with the skin, creates a micro combustion similar to the laser.

It represents the latest generation of tools for the treatment of a multitude of skin abnormalities. (Blepharoplasty, facelift and body lifting of excess skin on upper limbs and abdomen, onfalolifting, wrinkles, scars and blemishes from sun, acne, tattoos, moles and the correction of scars including curative treatment of acne and discolouration of the skin. Also, the treatment of striae distense periumbilical, removal of fibroids, moles, keloids, warts, xanthelasma, dyskeratosis and the non-pharmacological treatment of acne etc.

Body shaping

One other method that has now received the stamp of approval from researchers, according to the reports on two studies carried out in both Europe and the United States is Ultrasound. It can reduce, by a couple of inches, the circumference of the stomach, thighs and hips, even within the first 5 to 6 sessions, and, in particular, the skin will feel smoother and softer to the touch. The number of sessions can vary depending upon the size of the area to be treated and the severity of the blemish. Normally, a first course of 12 to 15 sessions, at least 3 per week on alternate days, is recommended, and for the best results, a second course of one session per week throughout the year, excluding the holiday period, would be ideal.

The combined treatments of Ultrasound, Infrared, Radiofrequency, Electro...... would be particularly suitable for the external treatments for all the imperfections of cellulite, with particular effectiveness in:

- The remodelling of localized fat
- The treatment of skin that is rough or like 'orange peel' in appearance
- The increase and improvement of tissue plasticity
- The reduction and/or elimination of bumps and dimpling of the skin
- The improvement of tissue tone including smoothing and becoming more compact
- The facilitation of the penetration of cellulite creams and the general reduction of cellulite nodules
- The reactivation of the local circulation and nourishement of the skin

Healthy and Seductive Hair, Smooth, shining and frizz free.

"Keratin Complex" is a revolutionary American System of CAPILLARY RECONSTRUCTION, a lifting, enriching,waterproof treatment that eliminates frizz.

It is an "injection" of pure keratin within the hair cuticle, reducing damage,frizzness and dehydration by up to 95%....Read more >>

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